How To Connect Deerc Drone To Phone?

How To Connect Deerc Drone To Phone

Deerc drones are good for seeing things from the sky. They can fly for a decent amount of time, and you can control them with a phone or tablet.

But there are other ways to control the drone, and the quality of the aerial videos depends on how good the drone’s camera is and how stable it can fly, not just how strong the signal is on your phone.

Using a phone or tablet to control a drone usually doesn’t require dealing with wires or cables.

To connect deerc drone to phone First make sure your drone is charged powerd on, Then Open deerc app on your phone.

Tap the three lines in top left corner. Select Connect to drone. Enter your deerc password. You’ll see a message that says Your drone is now connected.

But If you don’t understand a short guide and need a detailed one, keep reading because, In this article, I cover a detailed guide for you.

How to connect deerc drone to phone (Step By Step Guide)

Here Is The Step By Step Guide For Connecting Deerc Drone To Phone So, Pick Up Your Phone And Drone And Follow These Steps.

Turn on the phone’s Wi-Fi.

how to connect deerc drone to phone

First, make sure your phone’s WIFI is turned on. To do this, Go to the settings menu on your device. Then, select the option for network and internet. Choose the Wi-Fi option. And make sure the Wi-Fi is on.

Link the Drone with the App

how to connect deerc drone to phone

Open the Deer app on your phone. Touch the three lines at the top left corner. Choose the option to connect the drone. Please type in your secret password for deer. You will see a message that says, “Your drone is now connected.”

Setup Flight Controls in the App

how to connect deerc drone to phone

How to set up the flight controls in the app: First, open the app. Then, choose the type of drone you are using. Make sure the drone’s sensors are set correctly. Turn on airplane mode. Finally, select a flight path.

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Conclusion (How To Connect Deerc Drone To Phone)

Connecting the Deerc Drone to your phone is a great way to take advantage of all the features that this drone offers.

Whether you’re looking for an easy and intuitive camera experience or want extra control over your flight path, connecting it to your phone can help you make the most of every adventure.

By following these simple steps, you can easily connect your Deerc Drone to phone and get flying! I hope you enjoy this amazing guide how to connect deerc drone to phone.

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